Why my brother is also one of my best friends

My brother came to visit me in Rome and I am the happiest sister on Earth. I have to admit that I was waiting for him to come. He came with a friend of his, let’s say a best friend and this makes things even better. I met them at the metro station and as soon as we finished with the greetings, he immediately started to make jokes about everything I was saying. Yes, he is like that: a very funny joker. But he can also be very serious and this is also something that I like of him: he always gives you good advices when he can because he reflects a lot and is very sensible. But he can also make you feel better when you are feeling bad because he is able to cheer you in a second. But this isn’t all. My brother is also one of my best friends. He is because in a way we both wanted it. When we were children we always played together: once with my barbies, another time with his car toys, another we built cities together with boxes. We loved it. And many of the things to which we refer now when we talk to each other go back to a decade ago when we were small.

When we turned teenagers we didn’t have that much time to spend together: we had school, activities and many other things, but we almost always ended up doing homework on the kitchen table. That’s when it started our weird way to stay close even while doing different things. Of course we developed different interests, we have different friends and study completely different things, but we always found a way to stay close to each other. I would ask him to explain me what we was doing when he was playing with one of those online games or watching videos of famous you-tubers, and he would ask me what opera I was going to watch the following week. All these efforts that we made helped us very much because we managed to never loose that special connection between us. This is why he is special: most of the times i don’t even have to explain him anything because he immediately gets me. 

A small very cute present that my brother gave me and that I always keep with me

That’s why it’s strange for me when I hear other people telling that they “hate” their brothers Or that they don’t get along with their brothers. I would never say such a thing. I would say that we fight sometimes, that we scream bad words at each other each now and then, but I would never ever say that I “hate” my brother. This is why I know that I am very lucky to have him and why I know I would do anything to keep this bond going. Of course it’s not easy to keep it up: you have to invest many energies and you have to want to make that special bond become true. But the reward is priceless and I am very lucky that he also fights to keep it going.


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