Adulthood: not an age issue

When I was a child I thought that when I had turned 18, I would have been automatically an adult. While legally speaking this might be true almost everywhere in the world (apart those countries where the legal age is 21), the same cannot be said of all other aspects of life. When most people turn 18, they still live with their parents, are finishing high school, aren’t really thinking about adult complicated stuff: they are just entering into life. While almost all those people who turn 18 aren’t really thinking about the responsibilities that come with becoming an adult, those were the only things I could think of. I didn’t care if I could drive the car and I didn’t care if I could sign for myself the school leave authorization because I knew I wasn’t an adult and, as a matter of fact, I didn’t even want to become one… yet.

I am not ashamed to say that I’ve had issues to turn every year one year older since I was 14 until I turned 21. When I turned 21 I had probably started the path to maturity and I had realized that responsibilities weren’t that bad after all. They weren’t too bad to handle and, most importantly, I realized that I could always rely on my parents to settle any difficult issue. After that, even though I had solved the age problem, I still had the feeling that I wasn’t really an adult mostly because I still didn’t know how to handle a lot of stuff by myself. When I moved to Vienna I met many new people and I found out that adulthood is not really an age issue. In fact many of the people I met were older than me (and I usually take those people as examples just because they are older) were a lot more childish and less serious than me. That’s when I found out that age doesn’t make a person adult.

Now I am almost 24 (the only thing I can think of when I think about it is WOW!) and I think I am finally accepting being an adult. What I mean is that I am not afraid anymore to have to look for an apartment when I move to another place, I am able to face almost all things calmly and I try to find the most rational solution for each problem. I also learnt that a good hour of sport, a good talk with a friend and a good night of sleep can fix almost all the unexpected things that make me panic. Apart from these things, I also found out that what made me think I was turning into an adult was the need to do some things (read: house chores) without thinking that my mother would have wanted me to do them, but just because I felt I needed to do them. Another thing is planning my week, appointments and commitments on my own, having my own routine and… yes… being adult.

Even though I finally managed to feel adult the process of becoming one is still going on, but now I am finally enjoying it and this makes everything a lot easier and less painful. Therefore, to all the people who are out there struggling with their age: there is a hope and the hope is in you! You can make it and you will! Merry Christmas to everyone!


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