These last two weeks have been very very crazy: I was given a very difficult task at work and it took me a lot of effort, energies and concentration to carry it out, but apparently I made it. It was a report to be written in the best possible english style and including information and data of the best quality. The first draft was terrible and I had to write it all over again, but my coworkers helped me a lot finding all the info and data I had to include and the positions I had to keep on certain issues. It’s only thanks to them that I made it through! However, I have to say that I am also very proud of myself because the very last part of the report was a series of recommendations, which I managed to write quite well. At first I was a bit paniking because I wasn’t sure of what I had to write and I gathered some of the things from previous papers written by my colleagues, then I realized that I had raised some problems during the report and that the recommendations were only a way to say what it should be changed in order to make things a bit better. Therefore I thought it through and I managed to write them. My boss was very pleased by them and corrected only some things (after correcting the whole report!) and I was happy because I understood what I had to do and I did it right! On the last day of my internship I finalized the report and we sent it.

I am very grateful to my coworkers because they taught me to do things I would have never imagined doing, because they were very patient and encouraging, because they gave me both easy/boring things and difficult/mindtaking things to do. But most of all because they trusted me. They trusted me very much! I thanked them two million times for all of this.

The following day I was “on holiday”, therefore I went around Rome visiting places. I was out morning till sunset and at the very end of the day this is what I saw.


The monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

It was breathtaking and I literally thought: “Take me away from this city, otherwise I will stay here forever”.

Now I am home again, but before leaving I threw a coin in the Fountain of Trevi. That means that I will be back again, so I am saying Addio (which corresponds to the french Adieu) to this beautiful city, but I don’t mean it as a forever goodbye,  on the contrary, it means “see you soon!”. One of my colleagues used to say Addio like this and, I have to admit, I like it more than the forever goodbye. Therefore, Addio Roma! I hope I will see you soon!!!


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