Have you ever…?

These past two years have been really amazing. I had the opportunity to live in two amazing cities like Vienna and Rome, I have learned languages, skills, I have widened my ways of thinking, I have learned a lot about my capacities, my passions, the way I am, and they way I want to be. I have done a lot of things “for the first time” and my latest one is a very interesting experience to tell.

First of all it is important to say that I usually don’t really like walking. I’m not talking about the normal walking in the city to see the shops’ windows, but rather to walk long distances on foot. I usually like a lot more to ride the bike to go places and I take public transports only as a last resort (e.g. it’s raining as if Noah’s ark were about to happen again). This also applies to hiking. I have never really liked hiking because… why would you want to go hiking? From this question you understand I’ve never been a great lover of this, right?

Therefore, I was very surprised of myself when last week my mind came up with this (note that this is an inner flow of thoughts, which means that I was basically talking to myself):

-Hey, why don’t we go hiking?

-Why should we do that?

-Because there are hills all around Vienna and everybody says it’s an awesome thing to do, so why don’t we do that?

-Ehm… ok… Where do you wanna go?

-Let’s find a place on the internet!

The whole thing then developed with me spending a couple of hours on internet on different websites until I found an awesome one that indicated some amazing hiking paths and tours for the whole Austria. You can even choose how difficult, how steep, how long you want the path, it gives a detailed description, it says how to reach it and it makes you print the map. Amazing. My requirements were, of course, very simple: easy path, easy to reach by public transports (I don’t have a car), and not far from civilization (I don’t really want to get lost on my first hike). Once I found a hike that satisfied all these requirements, I printed the map and saved all the little dots of the path on an app-map that doesn’t require internet to work (simply because I can’t really read paper maps). The day before going I prepared my backpack, my clothes and my lunch and on Sunday I simply went. Knowing all those stories of people who got lost and no one saved them because hadn’t told anyone where they were going or when they were supposed to be back, I told my best friend (who lives here in Vienna) all the things she needed to know and then I was off.


The red line is the path i followed

It was the most amazing thing ever. I had taken all the precautions and therefore, even if it was the first time that I was alone in a wood, I wasn’t scared a bit. I am usually scared when I do things by myself for the first time, but maybe this time I had planned it so well that I was able to feel safe, to enjoy, to take pictures and to have fun. I even liked the walk. I don’t really know how this happened, but growing makes you change and probably what happened is that I simply changed. In the end I know very well that there is no such a thing as “I will never change”. Everybody changes, willingly or not, accepting it or not. Time, circumstances, people, environment change us. Let us try to embrace the change that we consider “good”, let us try to improve our own character and let us try to know ourselves better. It feels a lot good.


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