Have you ever…?

These past two years have been really amazing. I had the opportunity to live in two amazing cities like Vienna and Rome, I have learned languages, skills, I have widened my ways of thinking, I have learned a lot about my capacities, my passions, the way I am, and they way I want to be. … Continue reading Have you ever…?



When I was a child I was pretty thin, a healthy thin, a thin with muscles built by the swimming pool and good nutrition. I started to have problems with my weight when I stopped doing synchronized swimming every day replacing it with a twice-per-week course. The problem became serious when I went to the … Continue reading Overweight

Those two synchronized swimmers from the Czech Republic

This summer it has been practically impossible not to give a glance to Rio: everybody talked about the olympic games, the athletes, and the little scandals and affairs that took place there. The best athletes in the world were there and almost all sports were represented. If you practice or really like to watch even … Continue reading Those two synchronized swimmers from the Czech Republic